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Matador Designer Collection Adult Costume

Matador Designer Collection Adult CostumeThe Spanish art of bullfighting has long been in existence and continues to be a treasured sport. The brave men and women who we see dodging the bulls is called matadors. With nothing more than bravery, skills and techniques these matadors go head to head with bulls twice their size.

A cape usually of bold yellows and reds are waved to attract the bull’s attention. A matador usually wears a solid ensemble such as a black bolero, vest and pants. A traditional cape can also be spotted along with a cap.

Honor one of the most death defying sports in this men’s bullfighting costume.


Senorita Elite Collection Adult

Senorita Elite Collection AdultA Senorita represents an unmarried, young and sometimes attractive woman. This shows a sign of respect to women in a country that’s known for gallantry. Spain has many traditions and this still holds true today.

The women’s adult costume is a classic black gown with layered red satin, black lace ruffles and includes a headpiece made of sequins, a black mantilla veil, and fishnet pantyhose.

It can be worn for a night of elegance or a night of dancing the tango.