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Colonial Boy Costume – Child

Colonial Boy Child Costume Colonial Boy Child Costume

Includes: Jacket & pants. Does not include hat, wig, neckpiece,stockings or shoes.


Mens Uncle Sam Patriotic Costume

Mens Uncle Sam Patriotic CostumeYou might know him from the Uncle Sam posters in his famous pointing pose. These posters were made to recruit for the Army during World War 1. Uncle Sam was Samuel Wilson an inspector of meat in New York. When barrels of meat were labeled U.S. the workers presumed it to be named after Uncle Sam. Samuel Wilson amasses many properties which led to the name’s popularity.

He became a symbol of the nation and the image we’re most familiar with is from 1917 of the “I Want You” posters.

The Uncle Sam costume comes in the colors the American flag, red, blue, and white. It includes a top hat, a red and white bow tie, a blue jacket with a red and white collar, and red and white striped pants. To complete this look add a white beard.


Adult Sexy Firecracker Costume

Adult Sexy Firecracker CostumeA fun way to celebrate July 4th is with a fireworks displayFamilies usually gather in parks to watch the festivities and the colorful designs.

Firecrackers have been around since 200 BC even before gunpowder was created. The invention created inChinamade sounds would terrify and frighten people and animals. It was later developed to make fireworks when the Italians made it into an art form.

Fireworks became more elaborate in design incorporating patterns and colors. They can now also be seen as different shapes and display in different sizes.

The Firecracker costume comes in reds, blues, and whites. It’s a sexy costume with a corset top, layered skirt with an attached apron. The accessories include a headband, sexy sandals, and a white and blue garter.


George Washington Adult Costume

George Washington Adult CostumeThere are many facts about George Washington but the 2 that stand out the most are the fact that he was the first president and that he couldn’t tell a lie.

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He was a Commander in Chief of the Colonial Army which helped to declare the US independence from the British. He also presided over the writing of the US Constitution which created the 3 branches of government that we now know today as the Executive, the Legislative branch, and the Judicial branch.

A notable fact is that the noble President George Washington refused a third term saying that having 3 terms would give one too much power.

Represent George Washington – one of the greatest president’s of our time in a blue jacket with gold trim, a tan vest and tan pants. Don’t forget to add that white wig to complete the look.