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Choosing your Halloween Party Theme

Parties are easy to throw but successful parties require a little more work. Themes are a big factor in having an unforgettable party. When you have a theme everything else falls into place.

Food, costumes and decorations will play around your theme. The more creative it is the more guests you’re sure to have.

There are many theme inspired ideas and we’ll add on to the list with these unique Halloween Party Themes.

  • Bloody Buffet 

Bloody Wall BackdropImagine a bloody red party. Everything from your invitations to the decorations would be in blood. A unique concept you can pair it up with buffet served food of bloody inspired treats.

A great idea that incorporates giving back to others is a blood drive. You can coordinate with your local blood bank to have a blood donation segment at your party. Of course in keeping with the strict guidelines of donating blood this should be for non-alcoholic parties.

Grab some ideas from this video to create your own blood bath party.


  • Black and Orange

Black and Orange Decorating KitRequest your guests to come in black and orange inspired costumes. With this theme your party will be an explosion of Halloween’s favorite colors! Have pumpkins abound with black cats and witches creeping from every corner.

Your food can also be black and orange. Drinks can be in orange cups. Use black and orange table cloths for a quick and easy decoration. Have black candles in orange candle holders.

Make use of fire and add this to your theme. Here’s a quick and easy way to create a flaming effect.

You’ll need a box fan, silk fabric and orange/yellow string lights. The fabric should be of thin material. Cut the fabric into flame shapes which are big enough to cover your fan. Secure the fabric to the sides of the fan by tying the fabric or using a hot glue gun. Put your lights directly under the fan. The fan will have to be placed on top of a box or can and not directly on the ground.

  • Vampire’s Lair

With the popularity of vampire movies and TV shows this theme will be a sure fire hit. You’ll see in attendance at your party the likes of Bella and Edward from the Twilight series or the vamps from the hit TV shows True Blood and Vampire Diaries.
Fangtastic Halloween Deluxe Party Kit

Turn your house into a vampire’s lair as your guests try your blood inspired food.

Create vampire invites to let them know what the theme is and they’ll also have time to prepare their costumes.

For decorations you can strategically place an open coffin at the center of your room. Hang bat silhouettes from the ceiling. Use red and black decorations to have that vampire feel.
Animated Airblown Vampire Rising from Coffin

  • A Haunted Mansion

We pay to experience the horrors of a haunted house so why not have a haunted mansion as a theme party.

This video will give you a step by step guide in creating your very own haunted mansion.


Make sure your guests have a walk through the mansion and that there is only one exit. Once they finish the course they’ll get to where the party really starts with food and drinks.

  • Zombie Attack

Another spooktastic idea is to have your guests come dressed as zombies. For an even more realistic theme encourage guests to act like zombies. You should have a room full of zombies walking in an awkward manner and sniffing food or each other!

Have yellow hazard tape and biohazard signs all over the place. Serve food that can be mistaken for body parts like eyeballs, fingers and the like.

  • Dead Celebrities

We love to dress up as the latest singing sensation or movie star but why not try having a party with dead celebrities?

It’ll be a who’s who of stars that have passed away. Have a best costume award handy to give props for the efforts made.
Elvis Grand Heritage Adult CostumeDeluxe Marilyn Adult Costume
Make a stage area for actors and actresses. Have a microphone ready for singers passed. You might also get deceased groups and famous couples.



  • Screamathon

A screamathon is an excellent way to celebrate Halloween. Have a horror flick marathon for those movie enthusiasts. Create a program and provide a schedule of the movies to be featured.

Turn your house into one big theater and go all out with home theater equipment if you can afford it or already have it. You can hang red curtains to give it that movie theater effect.

For snacks have movie food such as popcorn, candies and of course soft drinks!

Your invite could include a movie stub which will be their ticket into your party.

Make sure to choose classic movies and new releases to get a good turnout.

These Halloween Party Themes will hopefully help you have a successful party where guests will ask for an encore year after year.

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