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Completing the Look of a Pirate Halloween Costume

Pirate Halloween costumes are never out of style, much more so now that the movie “The Pirates of the Caribbean” by Disney is such a hit. Men and women both look great in pirate costumes because of the many styles and types available today.

Predominantly, pirate costumes consisted of the colors brown, red, and black. However, today’s styles allow occasional deviations depending on how the pirates are depicted. If you want to dress up like a pirate, here are some costume ideas for you to go over:

Pirate Clothes

Pirate clothes are of prime importance for a pirate Halloween costume. If you are planning to be a pants-wearing pirate, go for tight, black pants. Just see to it though that they are still comfortable to wear. Another way you can don pirate pants is to choose a baggy one and cut it off just below the knees. Make sure you cut it in a zigzag pattern to give it a worn out look.

On the other hand, if you are a girl but wish to become a woman pirate, you can use a black skirt instead of pants. You can either go for a long or short skirt depending on what you want. Tear up the bottom of your skirt for a tattered effect.

Of course, with all these, you will need a shirt. A basic pirate shirt is simply a white long sleeved shirt with buttons. The baggier your shirt is, the better. Leave some buttons undone at the top and tear your shirt in certain places. Victorian-style shirts work best.

For your vest, any type of black or red vest will do. Stay away from printed vests and go for one with a plain style. If no colored vests are available, dye a white vest instead.

Pirate Accessories

To complete your pirate look, you need to have some accessories with you. These accessories include boots, jewelry, earrings, hat or bandanna, a belt or sash, and of course, a sword.

Tall, black boots work great as pirate boots. They can have any style you wish to have. Girl pirates are also able to add oomph to their look by wearing high heeled boots. With regards to your head accessory, you may wear a red or black bandana or hat. Putting braids (if you have long hair) also does the trick in giving you an authentic pirate look.

Wearing a belt or a sash is also a must. A red or black sash (you can use a scarf for this) or a belt must be tied around your waist for a rugged look. Likewise, you should not forget about pirate jewelry and earrings. The flashier your costume jewelry is, the better. Last but not least, you need a sword to be a full fledged pirate. For safety reasons, use a toy sword.

Whether you decide to create a pirate Halloween costume at home or buy a ready made one, our choices below will help you visualize the best type of pirate Halloween costume for you.

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