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An Elvis Costume

Elvis Grand Heritage Adult CostumeElvis Presley is one of Pop’s icons making an everlasting impact on the music world. Known as the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis had 150 albums and singles. Be a superstar in this men’s Halloween costume and bring back that rock and roll music.

His unique style included his outfits during concerts and performances. The most popular being the suit he wore in his 1973 concert “Aloha from Hawaii”. The Elvis costume is made of flexible material for you to gyrate your hips in. The one piece jumpsuit comes in white with red, blue and gold detailing. More detailing includes a star spangled eagle across the front, a low v-neck with a high collar and wide lapels. The belt also features four American eagles and dangling gold pocket chains. The look is completed with a red scarf.

You might need some accessories to complete your Elvis look. Click here to see what you’ll need.


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